These Are the Best Kayaks Men Love

If your guy is anything like our guys, you know that what he really wants to do is get out of the house and have a wilderness adventure. Kayaks are the perfect gift to give your guy because they keep him active and tuckered out, and also give him a way to get away for the afternoon when he needs to destress and let it out on the water. We like them because there’s literally a kayak for every guy, Depending on what he wants to do with it and how good he is already.


For instance, if your guy isn’t all that athletic, and all he wants to is go fishing, that’s perfect. There are kayaks just for that! He can go fish and have his beer, but since he’s paddling out there, you don’t have to worry about him coming back with a beer belly! Fishing kayaks have room for a cooler, a folding chair, a pole, and all his gear, so he can feel all manly and come home with dinner after he spends the day on the lake finding his inner manliness in nature and sipping a cold one.

We think Malibu make the best kayak for the money if he’s going to be taking it out fishing, since they give him the most storage room and the best balance for easy paddling. They’ll run you about $1000, but think of it this way: can you really put a price on him having his man time and saving all that stress at home? Plus, if he actually brings home the bacon (or bass) like he says he will, you’ll get a good amount of that money back in free food, and all of that will make him feel more manly.


Is your guy more athletic (or are you trying to get him to be?) If so, recreational kayaks are probably more up your alley, since they’ll let him paddle around to his heart’s content without feeling bogged down by all his fishing gear and a big, bulky boat. Old Town are a great company to go with for recreational paddling. They’re slim enough to move quickly (which helps your guy feel stronger in the water), but they still have space for a couple of beers so he can reward himself once he gets to the middle of the lake.


Ocean Kayaks are a great company that make kayaks he can take out on the ocean. Because what says manliness more than sea spray in a beard as he powers through the waves and lives out every naval escapade fantasy he’s ever daydreamed about as he sat with you on the beach while you got your tan on? That’s right–nothing. Check out Ocean Kayaks if you live near to the ocean!

Of course, we’ve only been talking about kayaks as ways for your guy to get away up to now. But what about if he wants to be able to be a tour guide and show you around the water? After all, what guy doesn’t want to be in an authority position and give you paddling lessons? Yeah. None. So, if your guy wants to show off his rowing muscles, or if he’s that rare romantic type who just wants to spend some quality time with you out in the nature, tandem kayaks are a great gift that both of you will get a lot out of  (obviously, you have to sign up for the adventure too, so these ones aren’t for the faint of heart)!


We’ve had some really good experiences with Ocean Kayak’s tandems, which work well on lakes, rivers, and in the ocean. Basically, they’re great for wherever you want to take them.


Oh, and one last thing! If your guy has lots of wilderness fantasies but doesn’t actually have the truck he imagines in his head when he looks at pictures of the Rockies, inflatable kayaks are a cool option you can get that pack away really easy but also work really well as a boat on their own. We haven’t actually taken any out on the water ourselves, but you can read lots of good inflatable kayak reviews online here, and this site also has some great reviews of the other brands we’re recommending which you can find here:


So, ladies, give your guy the ultimate gift of a getaway next time you need to come through with a big one on a special occasion! He’ll reap the benefits of extra manliness feels, and you’ll reap the benefits of happy, tired out man.